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Elizabeth holds over a decade of experience in the beauty industry. At the age of 21, she relocated to California, where she had the privilege of collaborating with highly skilled stylists and barbers at prestigious salons in Southern California. Her desire for knowledge led her to further her education within the industry, eventually establishing herself as an independent contractor. This success inspired her to pursue graduate studies, ultimately attaining a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. Returning to her roots in New Jersey, she is excited about pursuing both of her careers.


Elizabeth's passion for hairdressing goes back to her childhood, where she braided her friends' hair during sleepovers and transformed her Barbie dolls in need of makeovers!


When she's not working her magic behind the salon chair, Elizabeth enjoys quality time with her beloved daughter and husband. Her personal interests include reading and painting. She is incredibly excited to meet you and bring out the best in your hair! 

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Meet Liz



Chemical Services

Color services do not include a blow out

Women Hair Cut                           $65

Blow Dry                                          $45 


Additional heat styling                  $15


Color Blow Out                              $25


Deep Conditioner             ... $25+

Kerastase Fusio Dose.      ... $35+

Glaze (with color)             ... $33+

Facial Waxing                     ... $15+

Extra Color charge            ... $18+

Keratin Express                ... $155+

last up to 4-6 weeks

24 hr down time 

Keratin Full                       ... $330+

last up to 3-4 months

72 hr down time 

Pricing for color is LABOR + PARTS

What this means is the starting prices for what you choose to receive is below in the chart. The parts parts is an exact amaount of measured color we use to achieve the desired look. Everybody's parts charge will be a little diffrent because of the amount of some one hair or their desired look.

Example Only: 

Retouch labor $60 + (1.5 oz color) $9 = 

$69 for color not including  styling

Starting Labor Pricing

Retouch                                ... $70+    


Mini Highlight                        ... $45+  

Partial Highlight                    ... $70+    

Full Highlight                         ... $85+ 

Base & Mini                           ... $115+  

Base & Partical                    ... $140+    

Base & Full Highlight           ... $155+   

Mini lift (with Color)             ... $38+     

Mini Lift (without color).       ... $50+

Baylage                                ... $135+    

Ombre                                  ... $135+    

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