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Meet Alli

Growing up, Alli and her sister would take turns doing each others hair or giving their American Girl Dolls new haircuts. Alli’s love for hair followed her to college where she thought she’d eventually do hair on the side. After graduating college during the height of Covid-19 and finding that working from home was not for her, Allison decided it was time for a career change and finally went back to school for hair in 2021. 


Her passions include balayage, red heads, a lived-in moment; anything that make her clients hair dreams their reality!


One of her favorite things about the beauty industry is that there are no right or wrongs! YOU are the creator of your own beauty and she’s happy to help you achieve that.


When Allison is not in the salon, you can find her baking or cooking, watching the Scream or Twilight franchise, giving her dog Bailey all the belly rubs, spending time with loved ones, or constantly using references from Rupauls Drag Race in hopes someone will get it. 


Allison cannot wait to meet you and bring your hair dreams to life! 

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Chemical Services

Color services do not include a blow out

Women Hair Cut                           $55

Blow Dry                                          $45 


Additional heat styling                  $15


Color Blow Out                              $25


Deep Conditioner             ... $25+

Kerastase Fusio Dose.      ... $35+

Glaze (with color)             ... $33+

Facial Waxing                     ... $15+

Extra Color Time charge   ... $18+

Keratin Express                ... $155+

last up to 4-6 weeks

24 hr down time 

Keratin Full                       ... $330+

last up to 3-4 months

72 hr down time 

Pricing for color is LABOR + PARTS

What this means is the starting prices for what you choose to receive is below in the chart. The parts parts is an exact amaount of measured color we use to achieve the desired look. Everybody's parts charge will be a little diffrent because of the amount of some one hair or their desired look.

Example Only: 

Retouch labor $60 + (1.5 oz color) $9 = 

$69 for color not including  styling

Starting Labor Pricing

Retouch                                ... $60+    


Mini Highlight                        ... $38+   

Partial Highlight                    ... $60+    

Full Highlight                         ... $75+ 

Base & Mini                           ... $100+  

Base & Partical                    ... $120+    

Base & Full Highlight           ... $135+    

Mini lift (with Color)             ... $38+     

Mini Lift (without color).       ... $50+

Baylage                                ... $128+    

Ombre                                  ... $128+    

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