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New to Tousled and Tamed

We have launched a couple things since we have been out.

You can now purchase your Unite hair care online and it will be shipped directly to you! Go to our website to 'purchase products' and it will bring you right to the online store site!

You can also purchase an E-gift card. You will go to our 'gift card' on our website. Type in the amount and where you would like the printable pdf to be sent. From that point you will receive an invoice for the gift card. Once that is updated we will send you a printable gift card with a code to attach to it and you are ready to give the gift of beauty!

LAUNCHING today, WE are beyond excited for our spa treatment room to open. Although it is being delayed we don't want to stop the fun we are having with the new product line, Sorella Apothecary. If you want to get a head start on your skin care regimen we are now offering consultations via email, zoom, dm or text. Which ever is best for you. You will talk to Jodi, our aesthetician, one on one and figure what is best for you. From there you are able to order products and we will get them to you as quickly as possible!

If this is something you are interested in make sure to reach out to us on the form below and we will get a time scheduled for you.

Are you in NEED of hair color? We have a few options. Your first option would be a root touch up brush. This can be found on our new online site where to purchase your products.

We also have a root touch up kit. These kits are not meant to give you 100% coverage like the salon but enough coverage to hold you over. They are the same color line we use in the salon just designed to not give you a line of demarcation and they work well with our color when we can open back up. They are kind of one size fits all, so we are doing our best to fit you with the best color that we think will match. We are NOT going to be doing a pick up order any more but we WILL BE SHIPPING THEM TO YOU! We have limited supply so they will be on first come first served basis. As more come in we will keep everyone updated when the next drop will be.

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