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What to expect when you come in during Covid-19

When we said goodbye to you for 2 weeks we did not expect our goodbye to last 15 WEEKS! 

With all of our prayers for everyone to stay healthy and for our numbers to come down we can finally open. 

Although it is going to be a totally different experience when you come in the salon. Firstly we have a much bigger space and more services to offer! YAY! Spa services are still unclear for when we can start but don't worry you will be the first to know when we can start booking everyone! 

Secondly we have a laundry list of new protocol we have to follow. 

Your appointments will look like this:

- 24 hours before your appointment YOU MUST fill out a questionnaire for your appointment to be confirmed. (it will be sent to you)

- When you arrive we ask you to please stay in your car. Text us at (610)559-4088 and let us know you are here. Please wear your mask during the entire length of your appointment. 

- We will open the door and great you! (we wish we could give you a hug at this time) 

- Before we have you enter well have you relax on the chairs outside. 

-From there we will need to take your temperature with a touch-less thermometer. If your temp is 100.4 I am sorry but we will have to reschedule your appointment no earlier then 72 hours from that temperature read. 

- There are a BUNCH of new forms we will ask you to fill out. Please understand we know this is no fun. But for the safety of you and others, this is required by us by the state board of cosmetology and the governor. 

-Finally you can came see the new space :) 

-We will ask to you sanitize your hands and we will give you a sanitized box. In this box will be your freshly laundered towels and capes for your service, a couple mints to help you breathe, and little treat. 

- ENJOY and relax as you finally get your hair done. 

- When it is time to check out we will not be accepting cash or checks. We will only be accepting credit cards. Gratuity can be allowed on the credit cards but If you wish for the gratuity to instantly go to your stylist she will accept Venmo. 

(if you need help with Venmo we can help you with it) 

-For your next appointment it will most likely be the same steps but we are hopeful that this won't be our new normal for ever. 

Guidelines we need to follow: 

- If you are sick or have been around someone sick or have been on an airplane please reschedule your appointment. 

-24 hour pre qualification in order to come to your appointment THIS WILL BE ATTACHED TO YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMATION 

- New intake forms 

- Mask must be worn at all times,

- Temperatures must be taken

- Appointments will be postponed it the following occur

      - temperature 100.4 or over, Answers yes to any of the questions, or if we suspect you may be sick or is around someone sick, or have traveled by plane within 14 days of your appointment.

- Please bring your own mask that you don't mind if color gets on it. We do have a few tricks to help the color not to stain but as this being our first time we are not sure it will work as best as we hope. 

- If you need a mask you can purchase one for $3 and it will be added on your ticket at the end. 

- Beverages and snacks will be suspended for helping of your self, although if you wish to have a snack to go we will send you home with some :) 

- One guest per Stylist

- Only the person receiving the service is allowed in the building unless the person receiving the service is under 18. 

What happens if I get there and my temperature is higher then 100.4 or any of the symptoms? 

- We understand you have waited a long time for your appointment. We will do our best to get you in at a timely manor but for the sake of our health and everyone around please don't push the limits if you feel you are sick. 

Can I bring any thing in the salon with me? 

- We are trying to limit items coming into the salon so please only bring what is necessary and that can be fit in the sanitized bin. 

Can I bring anyone with me? 

- We love when husbands and wives come in or friends comes in together. But unforunitley at this time ONLY minors can be accompanied by an adult. If a husband/ wife or friends have appointment one will have to be full completed while the other waits in the car for the next guest can receive services.

I need an appointment but I don't know if I have ALL the symptoms? 

- If at any point you feel you may have been in contact or might have a symptom please let us know ASAP so we can fill the space and we will get you in as soon as you are feeling better or have stoped taking fever reducing medications for 72 hours. 

Will the cancelation policy be in place? 

- If you are canceling due to being sick or any covid-19 related, the cancelation policy will not be in effect. However if there is a no show or canceled due to anything other then covid-19 related the cancelation policy will be in effect. ( you can find our cancelation policy at our website ) 

I have traveled and I have an appointment sooner then 14 days of being home? 

-Please be mind full of incubation period is 14 days when traveling on planes. 

I NEED an appointment like right now!!! 

- At this time we can only accept One Guest per stylist. We typically double book. So for one week of appointments it is taking two weeks to fit everyone in. If you NEED an appointment we have a few dates a month that we are working extra but they will be at primium pricing. If you are booked during this times you will know before hand and the prices will be reflected during check out. 

Are we accepting new guest? 

- Yes, it will just take some time. We are working with a system to get everyone in, the people that had appointments in March are first and it will moved down the line. From there anyone that has been to the salon and needs an appointment and then new guest. 

What if I have Covid-19 and think I was in the salon during my infectious period? 

- Please notify us as soon as possible so we can take the proper steps with the health department. 

What we are doing on our side of things: 

- Daily when we arrive will be doing the same intake forms and temperatures. 

- Every piece of clothing you are given is disinfected and laundered then stored in a closed container 

- In-between each guest we are disinfecting every surface. 

- Hand washing all the time 

- We will not be sharing product use. 

- We will be in all PPE either a mask or mask and face shield. 

- If we are sick and need to be gone for 14 days we will reschedule everyone. 

We can not wait to see everyone, This is a long time coming and we want to THANK YOU all for being so supportive and understanding with all these guidelines. 

xoxo. Alexis Melick 

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