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Whats been going on..?

It has been officially a month that we now have been out of the salon. We are all totally missing everyone. We can not wait to get back to our normal life of catching up and seeing how everyone and their families are doing.

I, Alexis, have been busy this month with the new baby Raelynn. She is a great sleeper and can sleep through her noisy brother and sister. Austin is getting the hang of home school and so am I. I feel like Im a great art teacher, haha . Its crazy the times we live in now, he can still see his friend via FaceTime. He loves it because it makes him feel like such a big kid but also gives him more interaction than just us.

Savannah is hanging in living her best life of swinging on the swings and eating chocolate thanks to the Easter bunny.

Sam has been keeping positive by making her home feel more welcoming by decorating, using essential oils and try out some new recipes. Her favorite thing lately is catching up on some shows like Ozark and comedy stand up. She has also been doing some online education on some new techniques she can't wait to try out!

Jodi has been home enjoying the time with her husband and three kids. They are fortunate that they live in the woods, so they are able to spend most of their time outdoors walking, hiking and doing yard work. Jodi loves to read, cook and bake so she has been catching up on all of those with her time at home. Jodi has also spent the last few weeks participating in the Sorell Apoticary online education. She is so excited for the launch of the treatment room and more then ready to help everyone with their skin care needs. Jodi says stay safe and healthy and don't for get to apply your s.p.f. daily, cloudy days and all. xoxo see you soon!

Hello everyone! Lisa here! I’ve been thinking of all my guest and hoping you are all healthy and well. I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to while being quarantined with my family. Thankfully, we are all staying home and healthy and enjoying the extra time we have together, since our lives haven't been as busy. While home, I’ve been taking advantage of this time to educate myself and improve as a stylist, which I’ve really been enjoying. I have been exercising each day, taking walks and participating in online exercise groups. Getting some fresh air and exercise have been very important for my body/mind/spirit during this stressful time. I have also been cooking up a storm, which is my other passion. It's been fun photographing and sharing my food and recipes on Instagram.

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