At Tousled & Tamed Each stylist is working on their own professional level of achievment. As The stylist's demand on time gets higher along with other goals they will increase in levels. 

You will notice all of our pricing is a la cart. This allows us to work with in your budget and will allow us to eliminate services you wish not to have.

Pricing below starts at

Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 

Please check out our             to see which level your Stylist is currently in. 

Booking Hair Services Online

For hair Services you can NOW book how we used to, al a carte. Or you will be able to choose a PRIVATE SESSION  block for which hair services you would need. 

PRIVATE SESSION Block 1: ( 2 hour appointment)

PRIVATE SESSION Block 2: ( 2 1/2 hour appointment)

PRIVATE SESSION Block 3: ( 3 hour appointment)

PRIVATE SESSION Men Color/cut Block: (1 hour appointment)

PRIVATE SESSION Hair Cut (1 hour appointment)

-Retouch / Cut or Blow-dry 

-Retouch / Glaze / Cut or Blowdry 

-Partial Hilight / Glaze / Cut or Blowdry 

- Express Keratin

-Retouch / Partial Hilight / Glaze / Cut or Blow-dry
- Full Hilight / Cut or Blow-dry 
- Retouch / Cut / Express or Instant Keratin
- Full Keratin

- Full hi light Long hair / Cut  or Blowdry / Glaze

- Long hair Full Keratin

- Retouch / Full Hilight/ Glaze / Cut or Blowdry 

If inspiration can not be done in the time of blocked time selected,  services. may be subject to change during consultation
Hair Salon

Contact us at Tousled & Tamed

If you are looking to make an appointment please click

For all other inquires please fill out the subjects below. 

Thank You so much for supporting Tousled & Tamed. 

We will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Our business  hours are Tuesday - Saturday. 


813 Third Ave

Alpha Nj 08865


Sunday ...              Closed

Monday ...             Closed 

Tuesday..               8am - 8 pm

Wednesday...        8am-8pm

Thursday...             8am-8pm

Friday...                  8am-5pm

Saturday...             8am - 2pm 

Cancellation policy: 

We ask for 48 hours in advance to moving or canceling your appointments. After the third appointment change, you will be asked to pay a $25 deposit to reserve your reservation. If you keep the appointment, the $25 deposit can be credited toward your service but if the appointment is canceled the $25 will not be refunded. 

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