Spa Services


Back Facial 

European Facial 

This treatment is perfect for all skin types. Includes skin analysis, complete cleansing, steaming, facial massage, exfoliating, masque and moisturizing.

 Custom blended for your specific needs.

Teen Facial

 This facial inspires teenagers to begin caring for their skin. It offers a personalized prescription for maintaining a healthy complexion and techniques  to combat dry, blotchy or acne prone skin. 18 and younger

 Your back, a notoriously hard place to reach, can truly benefit from a backcial. This treatment helps to unclog congested pores, eradicate acne, and moisturize dry, neglected skin.

Anit Aging Facial 

 The focus of this facial is to help diminish the look of fine lines, lax skin, pigmentation, sun damage and scarring. A great treatment for those looking to be anti aging blues

Facial Treatment

Eye lash Extensions 

Summer Facial

For this summer we are enriching your skin with the cooling sensation of our mermaid mask. This facial is perfect for the sun lovers that need a refresh from the summer heat. 

Chemical Peel Series 

This is great for any one who has acne, acnes scars, textured skin, dark spots and More.

Is only offered in the fall, as a three Part series. 

Adding Lashes
Wax Appointment

Full Body Waxing