Spa Services


Tousled Signature Facial

$100 Facial 

This treatment is customized to exactly what your skin needs. It will finish up with an amazing massage and LD Light therapy for the final touch

Oxygen Facial

$135 Full Facial 
$65 Mini Facial 

This treatment is amazing for any skin type. It will bring life and brightness  to your skin! You can do a classic oxygen facial infused with custom powders or add on the oxygen treatment to any other service.

Hydro- Dermabrasion Facial

$170 Full Facial
$70 Mini Facial 

This treatment is great for all skin types. Great for acne, sensitve skin, normal, dry skin types. This facial is a light exfoliation with added water and serums to keep you nice and hydrated. Perfect as stand alone or after a Dermaplane.

Micro-Dermabrasion Facial

This treatment is great for acne, hyperpigmentation, acne scares,texture and dryness. This services is a light exfoliating service to makes your skins texture more calm and smoothe.


$170 Full Facial
$70 Mini Facial


Radio Frequency  Facial 

$150 Full Facial
$65 Mini seriers

This treatment is Perfect for any one looking to tone skin and fine line. This is best used a mini series to see faster result do weekly. 

Tousled Ultimate Facial 


This Facial is the best of the best. It is a great jump start to your skin care needs. It First starts off with a soft cleanse and Dermaplane treatment, after a light chemical peel will be applied. Then following with the touch of the Hydro-derm to rehydrate your skin and oxygen infused serum. Lastly is the amazing LED lights great for inflammation, redness, acne and more! 

Eye lash Extensions 

Adding Lashes
Wax Appointment

Full Body Waxing