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Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash 

Classic lashes are single lashes attached to the natural lash at 1:1 ratio (one lash: one extension). They are the most natural looking lash extension style, adding length. 



Things to know: 

- Initial applications book at 3 hours appointments 

- You will need an oil free cleanser to go home with. They retail at $28 

- Fills are to be done every two weeks, if past two weeks it will be considered initial instal 


Hybrid  Lash 

Hyrid lashes are the best of both worlds. Usually a 50/50 or even a 70/30 mix of volume and classic lashes. This style creates a look that is bolder than classics, but not as dramatic as volume. 

Volume Lash 

Volume lashes are made from thinner extensions grouped together like a "bouquet" to create a more dramatic look. Each extensions ranges from 2D-4D. This style adds volume, like a strip lash. 



Instal Price

The Instal price is for

Classic, Volume and Hybrid 


Mega Volume 

Intal ... $210

Fill .. $130

Fill Price 

Fill Price is for Classic, Volume and Hybrid.

At a 2 week min or 50 % or less of lashes 


Color Lashes 
Full set- $30 additional 
Fill- $15 Additional

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